Shareable social videos

As an engagment editor for Newsy, I wrote and produced videos designed specifically for social media. Some were time-sensitive like this video marking the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's reign, which was watched more than 116,000 times on Facebook.

I also produced "evergreen" videos intended to be shareable with a longer shelf life.

Finding the story on the spot

During my time as a General Assignment Reporter for KBIA, I attended many local meetings in search of stories and ideas. In this particular Human Services Commission meeting I arrived with only an agenda and a Marantz. As I sat taking notes and listening to group after group petitioning for grants I found a pattern in their requests and the line of questioning held in response. I was able to create an insightful piece of journalism in a quick turn around and without prior planning.

Important issues don't always sound exciting

One of the most valuable insights I gained from my time at KBIA was a better understanding of my community's values and interests, and how to report with the intent of filling those needs. When I was assigned a story about Columbia Public Schools switching the bus company they used, I wasn't overly excited about it. Trying to set up interviews with school officials can be difficult. Getting an interview with a business that has been dropped because of their ineptitude is downright unlikely. But by reporting this story, and others like it, I was able to learn more about issues that directly affected our audience and help them to understand what these changes would mean for them. I found that inherent usefulness to be incredibly gratifying.