I use Adobe Illustrator frequently to draw simple diagrams and maps, including the following, which showed the route for the 2014 MU Homecoming parade. I also created the "self portrait" for this website using Illustrator.

a map created by Danielle showing the Homecoming route

Interactive graphic

I created this graphic using the JavaScript library D3. This was my first experience working with D3 and I learned so much about formatting and styling interactives through the trial and error process of this project.

View the interactive version here.

Full-page spread

This graphic was the print version of a large project I did when the Ebola outbreak was at its worst. I created this using Adobe Illustrator and using statistics from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This was both a print and online project. You can access the web versions here and here.

Grant Proposal

During my time as an intern for the SPLC I created this document to send along with grant proposals to further explain the need for the Active Voice project.