Audience Engagement

Analytics as a path to creating web strategies

One of the major skill sets I've developed as part of the Community Outreach Team at the Columbia Missourian is using analytics to understand which stories performed well (or didn’t) and what we as a newsroom can learn from each success or failure. Below I have included one example of an analytics report I created as follow up to our candidate profiles leading up to a municipal election. I was able to quickly and efficiently pull out the basic numbers of each story and then pull out key points the newsroom should take away based on the numbers.

Access the analytics report here.

Storify of reactions to the death of Missouri Auditor Schweich

Although I am not a reporter, I've helped cover breaking news situations for the Missourian several times by gathering community reactions online. I created this Storify in about an hour and a half and published it immediately to our website. This is just one way in which I was able to use community-generated content to connect with our readers as news broke.

Storify here.

Instagram posts

I helped improve the SPLC's social media presence by creating more shareable posts like the ones below as well as designing updated Facebook and Twitter cover photos.

Going back to High School…willingly?

Part of working for a Community Outreach Team is actually reaching out to the community. Sometimes there is really no substitute for speaking to people face-to-face. In March I participated in the Harrisburg High School Career Fair with a colleague of mine. Together we gave 7 presentations to students ranging from the 6th to 12th grades and spoke about what it means to be a journalist. Among other things we had the students participate in mock interviews in which they had to get to the bottom of the story by interviewing “Fireman Dan” (that was me) about a fake scenario. Not only was this a fun, unique way to spend a work day, but it also presented our newsroom in a less traditional, more approachable way. We were able to really connect with a younger audience as well as the staff and faculty of the school, all of which contributed to forming lasting relationships with the community we serve.

an illustration self portrait of Danielle