About Me:

Within the realm of Digital News I’ve tried many roles. I’ve been a radio reporter, a graphics reporter, and a social media and community outreach editor. I’ve worked in newsrooms and a non-profit. It may seem like I’m a Jack of all trades, but if you look closely at my work you’ll see the same core elements in each of these positions: a focus on audience engagement within digital news media.

I believe the reporting process doesn’t begin or end in the newsroom. From the initial stages of developing story ideas to the final steps of sharing completed stories on social media, reporters do their jobs better when they have a strong relationship with the community they serve. Even the best journalism doesn’t have much value if no one is reading (or watching or listening) to it. I believe audience engagement and development is about more than just business sense, it’s necessary to do great, effective journalism.

I intend to use my skills in multimedia storytelling, social media strategy and design to help communities connect with journalism in a meaningful way.